Smoked Almonds Spread

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Actually cold-smoked almonds with a dash of Himalayan salt combined to create the tastiest savoury natural spread.

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Unlike most ‘smoked almonds’, which have artificial smoke flavour added to them (like on crisps…), our smoked almonds have been cold-smoked for 24 hours in a dedicated almond smoking facility, using hickory wood chips, resulting in a strong and familiar smoked flavour. To that, we added just a dash of pink Himalayan salt, to further enhance the taste and aroma. A phenomenal addition to the Nutural World spread family – we are sure that it would be very welcome by any smoke-flavour lovers.Here too, the spread is available in both Smooth and Crunchy version.

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Weight 170 g


1 review for Smoked Almonds Spread

  1. stenkesa

    The crunchy one is definitely worth to try, but the smooth one… no, no, no! I’ve had those both and I just couldn’t eat the smooth one more than just one spoon, it’s too weird for me in a smooth combination, but the crunchy one is really worth to try!

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