When you consider that Seeds and Nuts have everything needed for the development of a huge tree or a magnificent plant, it’s easy to see why they are sometimes called ‘the essence of life’. Eating Nuts and Seeds provides the body not just with energy, carbohydrates, protein and fat, but also an abundance of minerals and vitamins, some of which are difficult to find elsewhere in such large quantities. However, as much as Nuts and Seeds differ from each other in shape, colour and taste, they also differ markedly in their nutritional content. Thus, we decided to give each of them a dedicated area where you can read all about the nutritional benefits that Nut or Seed can provide you with.

At Nutural World we use the nuts and seeds to create delicious spreads (‘butters’) that allow you to enjoy nuts and seeds in a variety of ways – some of which you may not have been familiar with. Enjoy!

The following table is a concise summary for the basic nutritional values for all the products.

2018 08 28 All products Nutrition

2 thoughts on “Nutrition

  1. Where is the dedicated area where one can find the nutritional values for each of your products, and specifically for the chocolate halva??

    1. Hi Laura,
      You are 100% right – it was long overdue…
      I just added a PDF table with a summary of all the products and their nutritional values.
      Hope that help.

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