FAQ – Your questions answered!

Are your products peanut free?

YES. We are a peanut free factory. We do not store, handle, process or deal with peanuts, in any type shape or form.

What allergens exist in your products?

Our products have only two allergens: Tree nut and Sesame. The specific tree nuts that we process are: Almond. Cashew, Hazelnut, Pecan, Pistachio and Pine nut. We do NOT have Brazil nut, Walnut and any other type of nut not mentioned above.

What about cross contamination between your nut butters products?

While we make every effort to separate the product lines (e.g. Almond, Cashew, Pistachio, Sesame) and we do have stringent cleaning processes, it is still possible for a minute trace of one tree nut  product (e.g. Cashew) to be found in another product (e.g. Pistachio). We have undertaken a risk analysis, and in our opinion the likelihood of a cross contamination is very remote but cannot be stated as an absolute zero.

What about cross contamination between your roasted nuts?

The cross contamination risk between our roasted nuts is even lower. In the first place, they never come in contact with Sesame, which completely eliminates the risk of cross contamination with that allergen. In respect to cross contamination between various types of tree nuts, it is also lower as the nuts are only roasted – and not ground, which means that they have an even smaller chance of being in contact with another type of nut.