Nut Butters and your health

14 February

This post is NOT about the health benefits associated with a specific product. We have dedicated a separate section for that. Here we simply want to emphasize what may not be obvious about or products in general. Here goes:

  • Nutural world butter are made of very few ingredients. In the majority of cases – a product will have just ONE ingredient.
  • That means we NEVER add any artificial flavoring of any type, coloring, emulsifiers or fillers.
  • All our products are suitable for vegetarian, and most of them are also compliant with vegan requirements.
  • We use the best nuts and seeds we can source, for reputable suppliers and from sustainable sources.
  • We only use stone mills from grinding the seeds and nuts. It is much slower than blades, of course, but there is much less heat generated in the process and thus the nutritional values are preserved.
  • We care!!! Should you not be happy with our product, for any reason, let us know and we’ll do our best to make you a happy customer. Obviously, your statutory rights are not affected.

We hope you enjoy the Nutural World products!

Nutural World Team